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  1. Shakakus says:
    A population of homogeneous organisms possessing a set of defined characters. bacteriology The set of descendants that retains the characteristics of the ancestor; members of a strain that subsequently differ from the original isolate are regarded as belonging either to .
  2. Goltigal says:
    Strained definition, affected or produced by effort; not natural or spontaneous; forced: strained hospitality. See more.
  3. Fenrilkree says:
    synonyms of strain from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for strain.
  4. Brakasa says:
    1. A group of organisms of the same species, sharing certain characteristics not typical of the entire species but minor enough not to warrant classification as a separate breed or variety: a drug-resistant strain of bacteria. 2. The extent to which a body is distorted when it is .
  5. Tushakar says:
    To strain is to stretch tightly, make taut, wrench, tear, cause injury to, by long-continued or sudden and too violent effort or movement: to strain one's heart by overexertion, one's eyes by reading small print.
  6. Tera says:
    a strain of anti-semitism ran through right-wing politics at the time there was a strain of bitterness in his voice the cynical strain in the book He must have a strong strain of the psychopath in him.
  7. Sabei says:
    A joint strain is the overstretching or tearing of muscles or tendons. Tendons are the dense fibrous cords of tissue that connect bones to muscles. The most common locations for a muscle strain.
  8. Kajizilkree says:
    Critics Consensus: The Strain's gory action helps compensate for an unfocused narrative, while the show's political and philosophical subtext add necessary heft for adult viewers. , FX, 13 79%.
  9. Tygonris says:
    Complete List of Cannabis Strains Marijuana strains are organized into three primary types: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Each type of strain has unique effects on both the mind and body. For.

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